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Anyone who has used a container that requires an applicator to remove product knows the trouble in getting just the right amount of product on the applicator. Generally, there are two ways of retrieving the product:


    1.Remove the applicator and slowly but carefully roll the applicator on the outside of the container opening. The problem with this process is that many times the material drips down the outside of the container sealing the closing threads and wasting product.
    2.Remove the applicator quickly from the container dripping on the container, contaminating the work area, the user, and the environment.

Now there is an alternative.

UPI Manufacturing L.P., has developed an innovative container that allows the user a platform inside the container to determine the amount of product on the applicator while the applicator is still in the can. The opening is designed so that the applicator will move freely thru the Dripback opening only removing the amount of product that would normally be dripped while moving the applicator from the container to the application. The Dripback container will not restrict the amount of product the user wishes to have on the applicator but simply give the user the ability to wipe off excess product without using the neck of the container.


People who should have used a Dripback Container

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